Turning 13 is a major milestone in a young girl’s life.  We were so excited to be a part of Cheyanna’s big day.  To celebrate her 13th birthday mom Shannon decided to take Cheyanna and her girlfriends to the spa.  The girls were treated to mani and pedis, a spa lunch, and of course an InJoy cake!  The cake was covered with hot pink fondant and outlined in hand cut black zebra stripes.  Each stripe was individually arranged to perfectly frame the cake.  In keeping with the girlie spa day theme we topped the cake with bottles of hand painted sparkly pink and blue nail polish and a tube of sparkly pink lipstick.  A green toe separator sat along side the nail polishes.  We also added vibrant detailed fondant cucumbers for a nice color contrast.  To bring it all together we added a monogrammed black and white zebra print makeup pouch with hot pink details.


Vibrant Green Fondant Spa Cucumbers

The birthday cake is a three layered confection of yellow cake with our luxurious buttercream frosting with european style sweet cream butter, fresh cream, and rich vanilla extract.  This cake is a delicious after spa treat!


Here are a few pics from the party.

We hear that the girls loved the cake!


Cheyanna's cake table


Just wanted to let you know we loved the cake.Everybody was so impressed.